Performance & Prestige Finance

Spread the cost of your Performance or Prestige car with one of our finance products.

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Performance & Prestige Car Finance

Specialist finance products catering for High-Value cars.

At DrivenFi, we are excited to unveil our latest finance offering. We recognize that the allure of owning a high-performance supercar often comes with a substantial price tag. That’s where we can help, with our multiple finance products, turning your dream into a reality. Whether your heart is set on a luxurious Rolls Royce, or a mighty McLaren, our financing solutions are custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our lenders have crafted flexible and competitive financing packages that allow you to sit behind the wheel of your dream car.

At DrivenFi, we take immense pride in offering more than just a financial solution; we work with you to find your prestige or supercar through our official franchised dealer partners. Our Auto Experts can advise you on the available financial products to you, so you can make an informed financial decision. Backed by our competitive interest rates, and a swift approval process, we are committed to simplifying the path to financing your car.

What Can be financed?

  • At DrivenFi, we specialize in crafting fully customized financing solutions for an extensive range of prestige, sports cars, and high-end performance vehicles. Whether you’re a private enthusiast, collector, or a business, we are committed to assisting you in realizing your dream of driving a top-tier vehicle. When you contact our Auto Experts, you’ll have access to complimentary quotes and expert guidance.

What are the finance products availabe?

  • Hire Purchase – Hire Purchase stands as the most commonly employed financing method. Upon the fulfillment of all payments, ownership of the car is transferred to you.
  • Lease Purchase – Utilizing hire purchase with a balloon payment permits you to defer a specific portion of the borrowing until the conclusion of the agreement.
  • PCP – Personal contract purchase (PCP) is a flexible car financing option that can offer lower monthly payments than a personal loan or hire purchase (HP) car finance agreement. It’s a loan to help you buy the car you want. But it differs from a normal personal loan because you don’t have to pay off the full value of the car which means it could be a good option for you if you like to change your car more regularly.

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